Why Do Vegans Eat Things Made To Be Like Meat?


This is a question that I get asked pretty regularly. It’s a common question for meat-eaters to ask vegans and it’s often followed by their opinion that vegans shouldn’t eat things shaped as ‘burgers’ or ‘hotdogs’.

It’s a strange one though. Most often it’s said about vegan burgers, sausages and ‘meatballs’ which, the last time I checked, don’t have four legs and run around nor do they follow MRS NERG (the seven processes of life).

Talking of vegan burgers, have you heard of Impossible Foods?

Most animal products humans consume are designed not to look like an animal at all. Burger patties, sliced meats and sausages are a far cry from the poor cow or pig they once were. And even cuts of meat that more closely resemble flesh are often vacuum-packed, with little blood seeping out.

Not to mention, in meat production, hair is burned or scalded off, bodies are drained of blood and the flesh is thoroughly cleaned. All to ensure a disconnection with the product and who that living being actually was. (This sounds similar to something you’d see in a horror movie right? The words, psychopathic and cruelty spring to mind).

So when vegans are accused of hypocrisy for eating a veggie hot dog, my argument is that a hot dog is nothing like an animal. It may be meat but that meat is flavoured and shaped out of all recognition.

We’re just eating plants flavoured and shaped in the same way. If a vegan burger helps someone transition to a cruelty-free way of life, then how is that a bad thing?

Going vegan doesn’t mean giving up things you love, and with more companies offering plant based alternatives, it means we don’t have to!

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