Why Isn’t Everyone Vegan?

why isn't everyone vegan

Why isn’t everyone vegan?

Habit, enjoyment and selfishness. Honestly, there’s no reason why you cannot be a vegan. We have no biological need to consume meat, so why do we do it? Why isn’t everyone vegan?


People have eaten meat for centuries, why stop now? We should stop now, because animal agriculture is destroying our environment. We may have eaten meat for centuries, yet not on the scale it is currently occurring. Factory farming and a growth in population is not working for our planet any more. It’s time to form new habits, and step out of our comfort zone.

why isn't everyone vegan


This is the only reason why people don’t go vegan. They can preach ‘protein’ all they like, but there’s a million ways to get protein on a vegan diet. It’s simply the taste, people don’t want to give it up. They’re lazy and think their taste or fashion sense comes above the life of another sentient being.

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There’s nothing more selfish than raising an animal in squalor, artificially inseminating them, and ending an animals life for nothing more than a meals worth of pleasure. It’s unethical, unhealthy and bad for the environment. But it tastes good, so why would anyone want to stop, ey?

why isn't everyone vegan

Sadly, everyone isn’t vegan because they’re stubborn enough to not look into it. There are a million reasons to go vegan, yet people sadly aren’t willing to educate themselves. When you’re exposed to the truth and facts, it’s hard to look beyond the vegan lifestyle.

Knowledge is the most powerful tool in turning more people vegan. Watching Earthlings, Cowspiracy and other documentaries is a fast way to finding out more about the lifestyle. Ask your vegan friends and educate yourself online. There’s no excuses for people to not be vegan.

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