Why Meatless Mondays Are Useless

meatless mondays

For those thinking of going veggie/vegan, you might have heard of meatless Mondays. Taking one day out of your week to pretend you care about the animals and your health might help your ego, but nothing more.

Although on the surface it may seem like a good way to dip your toe into plant-based living, it truly achieves nothing. Eating vegan 1 day a week is a measly 3 meals. 3 meals out of 21, that’s a pathetic 14% of your meals a week.

meatless mondays

That means that you’re only being 14% more ethical, and 14% healthier. For the other 86% of the time, you’re doing nothing! You have to ask yourself, is there really a point?

By doing meatless Mondays, you trick yourself into thinking that you’re actually doing something beneficial. You become complacent, and your ego has a nice little massage. In fact, there are so many other ways to get involved in plant-based living, that genuinely make a difference.

For example, instead of eating plant-based once a week, why not try doing it for 2 out of your 3 meals every day? Breakfast is easy to make vegan, and then you can get creative with lunch or dinner!

This will make two-thirds of your meals vegan, much better than a measly 16%!

meatless mondays

Then, you can try doing it for 5 or 6 days of the week, and then a whole week. This way, your eating habits are genuinely making a difference, and not just to your ego.

Meatless Mondays may sound catchy, but that’s it. With January coming up, why not give Veganuary a go instead? There’s tons of support online, and you can get starter kits sent to your door.

Going vegan/ plant-based doesn’t need to be difficult, just don’t become complacent with being ethical only one day of the week, it helps no one!


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