World Obesity Rates- Why They Continue To Climb


Obesity rates continue to increase at a dramatic rate. People are attempting to reduce their calorie intake yet there’s little to no change. Our children are becoming more unhealthy and it seems it can’t be stopped. In reality, most people are blind to the truth. There’s an easy way to reduce your body size and achieve a healthy diet again.

Currently, as our obesity rates increase, so is our consumption of meat and animal products. In fact the slimmest people in the world, Asians and Africans, eat a diet that mainly consists of corn, fruit, vegetables and rice, all dense carbohydrate foods.

obesity rates

The problem is that our governments and doctors (who actually receive minimal nutritional training)  are telling us to do the wrong thing. We’re being advised to eat less calories and avoid sugar.

The problem is that we need to be doing the exact opposite. Increasing our calories and increasing our sugar intake. The most important thing is that we need to watch where these calories come from. Currently a large amount of our daily calories come from animal products and foods that are high in salt.

The problem with animal products is that they’re so high in saturated fat. Somehow we’ve got in our mind that fat doesn’t actually make us fat. How ridiculous is that? We actually think fat makes us slim. It’s not possible. As soon as you start reading into scientific research you see how mad that actually is.

Saturated fat not only increases our body fat but it also contributes to the number one killer. Atherosclerosis, aka heart disease. This is essentially the build up of fatty deposits along the arterial walls leading to a constriction of blood flow. When the heart is unable to pump sufficiently it leads to a heart attack.

obesity rates

Additionally, the salt in our current diets massively increases our water retention, not so much of a problem but leaves our skin having a ‘puffy’ look. This also contributes to the climbing obesity rates as there’s high salt levels in almost all packaged foods.

Finally the oil. Oils terrible for us. It’s essentially drinking liquid fat. We can do without it to cook and e hardly need it in any foods to cook. I know I haven’t used any cooking oil for over 2 years and I’m doing just fine.

So how should we reduce it? Eating a high carbohydrate, low fat diet consisting of as many whole-plant foods as possible with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Animal products are a poison to our body are contribute more to all chronic diseases than anything else.

obesity rates

I’m 176cm, have a body weight of 65kg and a body fat of just under 10%. I’m not one of these so called experts. The fact is I live this lifestyle, along with many others, and reap the huge rewards. No more worrying about counting calories. I pack in the carbohydrates and have the energy to cycle 100km everyday for weeks on end. I don’t need coffee or caffeine and I always feel incredible. I get ill very rarely due to the high nutrient and vitamin intake from plants such as vegetables and foods. Being a high carb, low fat vegan is the number one way to reduce obesity rates.

It’s just a shame no government will never advise it. Currently they’re too heavily funded by the animal agricultural industry. They rely on them so advising a diet that’s asking the public to remove animal products is essentially political suicide.

Ah, the sad reality of the modern life.


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