Vegan Athlete: Wilson Chandler, The Vegan NBA Star

wilson chandler

Vegan athletes are becoming increasingly more common. People and especially sports persons are beginning to realise the huge benefits switching to a vegan lifestyle has. They often report improved health, better performance, improved sleep and more resilience to injuries or illness. Wilson Chandler is one of the latest athletes to turn to a vegan diet to better his career.

Posting career highs, Wilson Chandler has only recently returned to featuring in games due to recurring injuries with his hips. After undergoing operations to fix the issue, he turned to a vegan diet to make sure the injury doesn’t recur and to improve his game.

Wilson Chandler has now been vegan for around 6 months and is one of only a handful of vegans in the NBA. That being said, veteran players like Chandler have a huge impact and effect on the players around them, so we can expect many more in future.

“I’ve always had a pretty healthy diet, but after dealing with several injuries, I wanted to find a diet that would help with inflammation,”

“My recovery time is faster, I’m in a better mood, I feel more explosive on the court and I’m leaner,” he says.

wilson chandler

Wilson Chandler focuses on consuming a high amount of fruits and these are one of the staples of his diet. When packing in enough calories, fruits are the best foods for our bodies to thrive off.

Nancy Clark, sports nutritionist and author of Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, believes that while hard science on the topic is still lacking, athletes like Chandler can serve as an example for others.

“Basketball players get beaten up all the time and they need to know how diet can influence recovery, inflammation and injuries,” she says.

Chandler is yet another vegan athlete leading by example on how affective the diet is for improving all aspects of your athletic performance.


  1. This athlete is a good inspiration too all who wanted to stay fit and healthy at the same time. There’s nothing wrong to be vegan and it’s a good thing that there are lot of people already who commit themselves in becoming one.

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