World Class Steakhouses Introduce Vegan Menus!

world class steakhouse

World class steakhouses may not be the first thing to enter your mind when you think of veganism, however, many are making the switch.

According to One Green Planet, Skopelos in Florida is the latest steakhouse to add vegan items to its menu.

The eatery in Florida is renowned for its seafood and steak, so the addition of an array of vegan options may seem a little out of place.

Skopelos have said;

“Executive Chef Gus Silivos and Chef de Cuisine Takara Smith, alongside the entire Skopelos Culinary Team, have spent the past several months cultivating a new, expanded menu that is now available at Skopelos!” 

The new vegan dishes include vegan mushroom Reuben sandwich, a banana chia seed pudding, and grilled cauliflower steak.

world class steakhouse

Skopelos isn’t the first world-class steakhouse to introduce a vegan menu, Daniel’s Broiler has had vegan items since July!

With items such as stuffed mushrooms, penne bolognese, and ravioli and lettuce wraps, they wanted to create a place where vegans and omnivores could eat together.

If world-class steakhouses with a reputation built on serving meat can become vegan-friendly, then there’s no excuse for other chains out there. 

Not only does it make eating out as a vegan in an omni family/group of friends much easier, it also allows consumers to perhaps pick something off of the menu that they’ve never tried before.

Even Carveries in the UK are becoming more vegan-friendly. Toby Carvery offers many vegan items, and vegan roast dinners are appearing up and down the country.

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