Why World Vegan Day Was A Massive Success


Yesterday was the first of November, aka, World Vegan Day! Of course there were the odd posts attempting to be funny and ridicule veganism, yet on the whole I saw it as a huge success. Not only did I see friends and family celebrate it, but the media was surprisingly positive too.

Just take a look at this info-graphic from metro.us, it couldn’t be more encouraging!

world vegan day

If you type ‘World Vegan Day’ into google, you’ll be flooded with articles from sites such as The Independent and Huffington post. Whether it’s an opinion piece on what they’ve learnt since being vegan or best vegan restaurant in London, it’s all over the media.

What does this show?

World Vegan Day was only created in 1994, and it probably never expected to grow this big. Veganism is at an all time high, and days like this demonstrate how it is growing even more.

It shows that veganism is becoming more accessible and understood. The culture of ridiculing those who don’t consumer animal products is slowly dying out, and instead people are becoming more interested.

A day such as this is so important for the vegan community. It shows we’re not a hippy cult that hides in the dark and wears flip flops, we’re everywhere! It’s no longer as ‘weird’, and definitely a whole lot trendier.


An added bonus; Zizzi’s is selling all its vegan options at 30% this month to celebrate!

What now?

Well, we’ve proved veganism isn’t going to disappear anytime soon, and now it’s the perfect time to continue showing what it’s about! Christmas is coming, and it gives the perfect excuse to show family and friends what you can eat as a vegan.

Take them out for dinner, to vegan markets and just show them what it’s really like! Let’s keep this positive attention going.

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