The World’s First Vegan Menswear Store Opens

vegan menswear

Brave GentleMan, the world’s first vegan menswear store has opened in Brooklyn and PETA threw them a party to celebrate. It comes just prior to the New York Fashion Week.

Founder and creative director, Joshua Katcher, showed off the brand’s fresh, new Spring/Summer 2018 collection which included ‘future wool’ and ‘future leather’, an exciting synthetic alternative.

vegan menswear

Catcher said during a specially created PETA video: “I think about the conditions that animals are in for the fashion industry—it just breaks my heart!”

Vegan clothing is becoming a big market, with many other brands also releasing vegan shoes.

“We live in a culture where masculinity often [is equated] with brutality … when, in fact, it takes great strength and great knowledge and great control to be gentle.”

The brand has previously been supported by Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover of British GQ.

Brave GentleMan prides itself on using only vegan materials and materials that are organic, recycled and from fair-trade sources.

While the store is located in Brooklyn, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to buy their products.

Brave GentleMan has launched an online store offering a range of suits, outerwear, shoes, footwear, accessories and more.


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