Should Women Be Worried About Soy?


Soy has somehow made a pretty bad name for itself, but should women be worried about Soy? From superfood to fear mongering about cancer, here’s what you need to know about consuming soy as a woman.

Worried about soy destroying the earth?

worried about soy

First off, you’re not destroying the earth. Yes land is destroyed to make room for soy beans, however the vast majority of this soy goes towards feeding livestock. Therefore, by forfeiting meat for tofu and soy-based alternatives, you’re actually helping reduce the amount of land needed.

Health wise, soy is full of nutrition.

one cup of tofu contains 20 grams of protein, more than a cup of yogurt contains—as well as magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, calcium, iron, B vitamins, vitamin K, antioxidants, and fiber. At the same time, soy products are low in saturated fat, have a low glycemic index, and contain zero cholesterol.

Low in saturated fat, high in protein and full of necessary vitamins! Also it’s better for the environment and kinder on the animals.

Breast cancer and the menopause

In regards to breast cancer, don’t let the fear mongering scare you. The Shanghai Women’s Health Study found that those with the highest amount of soy consumption through adolescence and early adulthood had a nearly 60% less chance of pre-menopausal breast cancer than those with low intakes.


For women going through the Menopause, you really shouldn’t be worried about soy. This is because it can actually help with the symptoms, including hot flushes. Although there isn’t a lot of evidence to back this up just yet, it should work in theory, and it’s always worth a try!

Heart Disease


The number one killer of women is heart disease. It’s no joke, and it’s something everyone should take seriously. Instead of being worried about soy, worry about heart disease.

Soy foods are good for the heart and surrounding blood vessels, as they deliver lots of polyunsaturated far, fibre and minerals, and are much healthier than alternatives such as red meat. Replacing meat with soy products will be much kinder on your heart, and it will thank you for it.


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