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If you’re interested in joining the Veggie Athletic team then all you have to do is fill in the form below. Please read the frequently asked questions before you send in your application.


Do I need previous journalistic experience?
If you’ve written for other publications or your own blog before, that’s great, but not something we exclusively look for in applicants.

I’m not from England – can I write for you?
Yes, of course! However, our editorial team is English – please do not submit applications in a language other than English, and bear in mind that we will only accept a certain level of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Can I earn money if I write for you?
No – at present, all writing positions are unpaid. Whilst we have ads on our site we’re currently only covering hosting costs. However, as the site grows, paid positions may become available.

How often do I need to write for Veggie Athletic?
We ask for a minimum of 2 articles per month from contributors, and have no upper limit regarding how many pieces you can submit.

What are you looking for in my application?
The first thing we will assess is that you have accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. Make sure you read over your application before you hit send! Then, we’ll look for enthusiasm and flair. Use this application as an opportunity to sell yourself to us. We don’t want a team of people who are all the same – bring your personality to the fore!

If you’re unsure about anything to do with writing for us then drop us a tweet @veggieathletic or an email- contact@veggieathletic.com

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