Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Your Weight


Why you shouldn’t focus on weight

Focusing on your weight can start a deep dark spiral. Aiming for a number sadly isn’t going to work. There’s a much better way to improve your body and it might take you a while to come around to. I’ll start with why you shouldn’t be tracking your weight and then discuss the importance of the other method.

See, weight is so changeable. It’s inconsistent and frankly, pretty rubbish at gauging your health and size. We all know that muscle weighs more than fat so why do we continue to use weight as a measure of our body?

When you step on the scales there’s a huge number of things that affect the number you’ll see. In fact, it’s pretty common to see a difference of a couple of kilos within 24 hours. That’s because our body has so many things changing all the time.

Weight can be affected by salt levels, these essentially determine our water retention and our bodies ability to hold more water. There’s a whole host of inconsistencies with using weight which means it shouldn’t be used.

Body fat testing


A body fat test is a great way of measuring how fat you are and greatly more accurate and helpful that a pair of scales. For example, I may weight 2kg more but have reduced my reduced my body fat by 2% and increased my muscle composition. As muscle weighs more than fat it’s pretty clear to see where these extra 2kg might’ve come from.

However, if you’re in the mindset of only achieving one specific number, you’re going to have a really hard time getting down to it as your body adds muscle mass and removes fat.

A body fat test requires a pair of callipers and a trained individual. However, even then the results can be inconsistent from test to test. This test is typically only as good as the person who performs it.

On the other hand a body fat test is great at showing you just how lean you are and if you have an athletic body or are overweight. I say, leave the body fat testing unless you’re into a sport where power to weight ratios matter.

The solution

I think the number one way to judge how you feel about your body is to stand in a mirror and work out what’s what. It’s obvious if you’re overweight and very easy to se where you need to lose the fat from. Use before and after photos. The number one thing is that you’re happy with your body.


By using scales and focusing on that single number, you may never be happy with your body. Simply because you haven’t hit a number you set yourself. You’ll be left feeling disappointed that you’re not at this number but in reality, you’re the healthiest, fittest and leanest you’ve been in a long time.

Ditch the scales and focus on how you want to look.

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